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Pulasu Co.

Lilly ✻ Large Wayuu Mochila

Lilly ✻ Large Wayuu Mochila

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Our bags are handcrafted by the Wayúu indigenous women of La Guajira in Colombia, who still proudly conserve their cultural traditions through weaving. 
We work directly with independent artisans and their families to bring you high-quality, colorful,  eye-catching accessories and mochilas. 
Each bag takes approximately 15-30 days of weaving to complete 
Every single design celebrates the skill of each artisan and the essence of their creative minds. Colors, designs, and patterns are all different & unique, just like you. These authentic displays of artisanship symbolize their culture, community, passed down ancestral knowledge, and everyday life. 
WARNING: wearing this mochila will have heads turning your way 

Chila Info

Material: 100% acrylic


Height: 11 in.

Length: 14 in.

Strap Drop: 18 in. 

Drawstring closure 

Chila Care

Spot treat any stains with a bit of mild soap, a soft brush, and warm water. Rinse, repeat if needed.


Machine wash -- turn the bag inside out, place tassels and strap inside, and wash on a delicate cycle with cold water.

✻ Do not use detergents with bleach

✻ Do not tumble dry as it might ruin the tassels

✻ Hang to dry  


Being that the mochilas are handmade, measurements may vary slightly.

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