Collection: LARGE MOCHIS

Now, when I tell you that Wayuu women are some of the most talented weavers on this earth, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Just take a look at the bags below and you'll understand what I mean by that statement. Our bags are 100% hand crocheted by the Wayúu Indigenous women of La Guajira in Colombia who still proudly conserve their cultural traditions through weaving. Each piece is truly unique, and you will not find another bag like it out there. 

These authentic displays of artisanship symbolize their culture, maternal language (Wayuunaiki), community, passed down ancestral knowledge, and everyday life. Each bag can take anywhere from 15-60 days to make depending on the size, design, thread technique, and artisan. We work with artisans from various parts of La Guajira who work with their families or clans to bring you these pieces.  Oladis Gutierrez from la rancheria Valledupar, Juan Fernandez from Mongui, Yaris, Yeni Deluque from Maicao, Ana Uriana from Uribia, and the Pushaina family are the weavers who share this special art with us.