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Pulasu Co.

Flora ✻ Inga Beaded Necklace

Flora ✻ Inga Beaded Necklace

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 This unique necklace is handwoven with chaquira seed beads by Luz Maria Tisoy and her team of Inga artisans in Putumayo, Colombia.

Woven from the mind and heart

Filled with intricate, detailed, and storytelling symbolism

Each design is infused with a vision, the personal thoughts of a weaver, a prayer, and good energy for the soul.

Necklace Specs:

Material: seed beads

Width: 3 in.

Length: 17 in. around neck area

This item is delicate, handle with care and love

Being that the nevil aces are handmade, measurements, stitching, and sizing may vary slightly.

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