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Tugtu ✻ Inga Beaded Necklace

Tugtu ✻ Inga Beaded Necklace

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This flower petal necklace was hand beaded by Inga Awaska, a beading and cultural workshop made up of Indigenous Inga women in Putumayo, Colombia.

These beauties shine so vividly whether it's a gloomy or sunny day. Light in weight and perfect for everyday wear if you want to add a touch of vibrant shades to your wardrobe.  "Tugtu" in the Inga language translates to "flor" or "flower"!


Necklace Specs:

Material: seed beads

Length: 17 inches around neck area


This item is delicate, handle with care and love.

Being that the necklaces are handmade, measurements and sizing may vary slightly.

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