Empowering Indigenous Women, Communities & Creating Opportunities


All of our pieces are sourced from local artisans in Colombia. By purchasing, you are supporting the makers themselves!

Our Philosophy

Pülasü wants to show everyone the work of the amazing talented artisans, pattern makers, and designers we work with through their unique pieces of handmade art. These aren't just fast fashion products, these are creations that take time and knowing of long-held traditions that are passed down from generation to generation. They are hand-made with the two main focuses of preserving and continuing Wayuu, Inga, Misak and Embera culture and improving their communities.

These special pieces are not just an accessory to a newly-imagined look. It is a promise to the indigenous communities that their loved craft is both heard, seen, and understood.

In today's fast-paced world, large-scale manufacturing combined with its unsustainability have become widespread.

For many women Indigenous artisans in Colombia, it is nearly impossible to gain a livable wage and compete at an economic level with these big corporations. Their last resort is to leave their hometowns and relocate to nearby cities. This is how traditional knowledge of beading and weaving becomes in danger of not being passed down to future generations.

This is why we source directly from them! There is NO middle man to barge in and take a portion of their $$.

We do not negotiate prices with our artisans either. Whatever they ask for, we rightfully pay them.

Why You'll Love Pülasü

All of the handmade creations in our shop are fairtrade. Today, tomorrow, & forever.

Every artisan we work with is paid fairly for their hard work, dedication & talent. For many we work with, doing handcrafts is their only source of income. By providing a fair wage, we, as a collective whole, can help empower these communities & families by creating new opportunities.

Each curated piece is 100% handcrafted by a highly skilled Wayuu, Misak, Inga, or Embera artisan.

Buying handmade ensures that the traditional knowledge and cultural identity of beading and weaving are kept alive and passed down for generations to come.

You will never have the same creation as anyone else.


Each design celebrates the skill of each artisan and the magic of their creative minds.

Colors, designs, and patterns are all different & unique, just like you.

Earning a Living Wage

Many communities have been affected by COVID-19 and the restrictions on local markets & events--2 important ways artisans make an income. Buying directly from them ensures they are given work & are safe at the comfort of their home!

Families are able to afford food and buy basic necessities while having the ability to save money for other personal needs. Overall, money is kept in the local economies and used to upgrade the living standards , improve water quality, and provide educational resources for many. In return, communities are able to thrive and grow more.

Our goal at Pülasü is to build even an even greater momentum for these Indigenous communities by supporting them and hyping up their amazing culture, creative spirits, and resilient history.

When buying Fair-Trade, you are:

Learning about the interesting history, culture and traditions of these communities through their handcrafts

Respecting and appreciating the hard work of an artisan

Helping to preserve the art of weaving and beading

Creating job and economic opportunities

Improving communities