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Fedora Hat ✻ Embera Chami Design

Fedora Hat ✻ Embera Chami Design

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This hat itself is 100% sheep wool and handmade by artisans in Northern Colombia that use a family technique passed down from generation to generation. The band that goes around the hat is elaborated by Embera Chami artisans Jesus Israel Arce and Guillermina Guasorna who have been working with us since day 1! Each design was carefully thought out and beaded with love and intention. 


100% Handmade in Colombia

Materials: Sheep Wool



Cleaning Care

When not wearing the hat, hold it by the front or back brim and always place it on a smooth, dry surface face up.

If it gets wet, let it dry naturally without giving it any type of artificial heat (dryer, radiator, etc...)

With a soft brush, brush the fedora very gently all over the outside of the hat.  

Use a lint roller to remove small pieces of lint, hair, or fuzz.

Rub stains and spots gently with a damp washcloth.

The best way to store our hats is in a dry and dark place, avoiding any type of direct light or humidity.

We recommend storing your hat in the box it came in.




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