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The Artisans and Pülasü Collective
Who are we?
We are a small, social enterprise that is dedicated to supporting Indigenous artisans and families out of Colombia. Pülasü's main focus is to show everyone the work of amazingly talented artisans, pattern makers, and designers we collectively work with while paying artisans fair prices for all creations made and promoting their work on a global scale.
Who do we work with?
We work directly with Wayuu, Embera Eyabida, Misak, and Inga communities from various parts of Colombia. These unique pieces are not fast-fashion "products". Instead, these are creations that take time to make by gifted hands that continue to weave and bead long-held traditions passed down from generation to generation. Each community we work with has their own history, practices, and art forms. You’ll see that every piece is a direct reflection of those communities. They work from the comfort of their homes and on their own schedule, which allows them to spend more time with their families and no time on the streets selling their work for a low or negotiated price.
How do we help our partners?
We collectively work together with artisans, they do not work for us. We financially contribute to the communities and families by buying their work at a higher and honest price, which allows them to profit off their work and make more money than what they would gain if they sold on the street or at local markets. We have been working with the same artisans for 2+ years, providing them a steady income that is above the average minimum wage in Colombia (which is very low).
Do we negotiate prices with our partners?

Absolutely not. Nor will we ever negotiate prices with any artisan. For many Indigenous artisans (especially women) in Colombia, it is nearly impossible to gain a livable wage while competing at an economic level with other local businesses. This leaves them with the unfortunate decision of having to undersell their crafts and do so under harsh working conditions by moving to nearby cities.

Whatever an artisan asks for, is what we rightfully pay and even encourage them to raise their prices.

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